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Amazon Trick Could Get You More Members Or Why A Confirmation Page Is Your Most Important Salesperson

Posted by Chris Bonney on Thu, Feb 16, 2012

Have you purchased from lately?

If so, you've hopefully noticed the new share feature they've added on their purchase confirmation page.

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5 Critical Association Web Strategies For 2012

Posted by Chris Bonney on Fri, Feb 03, 2012

1. Leverage What Works.

The Internet is full of “good enough” information. Trying to be all things to all members is the kiss of death online in 2012. Determine what’s working on your website, what your members seem to gravitate toward, and do more of that. Don’t be afraid to cut content for the sake of doing fewer things better.

2. Curate.

Do the searching for your members. Content curation sites like and make it drop dead simple for people to cull niche content for specialized audiences. Is there a way to curate your organizational or industry content in a relevant and meaningful way for your members? When isn’t making your members’ lives easier a killer member benefit?

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Make Sharing Part of Your Web Strategy

Posted by Ray van Hilst on Tue, Mar 29, 2011

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5 Ways To Tell If Your Association Website Is A Dead Man Walking

Posted by Chris Bonney on Sun, Mar 06, 2011

One of the best films of 1995 featuring Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon was Dead Man Walking. As I consider the metaphor, while somewhat extreme (and you could even debate a bit of a harsh judgment), I can't help but think about your association's website.

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Guest Post: Building Relationships is a Process, Not an Event

Posted by Chris Bonney on Mon, Feb 01, 2010

Whenever I ask people what their #1 reason for attending an event is, the answer is always "networking". Millions of people attend business events every year – more than 80 million people attended business events in 2007 in the US alone. Does this mean that every attendee actually realizes the benefits of networking and is successful in building lasting relationships? Do we always get a true return on the time, money and energy we spend on these events? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.

Why? The simple answer is that networking is a process, not something you do once at an event. We need to re-frame networking as a brick-by-brick building process, needing careful thought, planning and time rather than a one-time sporadic thing at an event. Events play a big role in providing a platform to kick-start the process of building and enhancing business relationships.

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7 Secrets To Launching A Successful Social Network

Posted by Chris Bonney on Mon, Jan 18, 2010

I’ll be part of a webinar put on by Higher Logic Thursday, January 21 at 1pm Central called " 7 Secrets to a Successful Social Networking Launch." Learn when the right time to launch a social network really is. It might not be what you think. Find out who THE most important person to include in your social network is. And much more!
If you're considering a new social network or have one and want to get it to the next level, this webinar is for you.
Update: View the recorded webinar.
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Association Social Networking Strategy Checklist: 10 Things To Do First

Posted by Chris Bonney on Fri, Oct 30, 2009

What's First?

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Another Very Compelling Reason Why Your Association Should Join Twitter Today

Posted by Chris Bonney on Thu, Oct 08, 2009

The association industry has been talking about social networking for a few years now. To most organization's credit, associations are doing their best to keep ahead of the curve and have created some sort of presence either on Facebook, LinkedIn or through a private social network like Higher Logic.

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3 Reasons Social Networking Matters to your Association Today

Posted by Chris Bonney on Tue, May 05, 2009

Let's get real. You can't wait for social media the way you waited back in 1997 to create a website. You can't wait to fire up a Facebook page because you want to see how this social networking thing pans out. This is a new time and there are some very real reasons for getting on board with social media in every possible capacity today...not

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So You Want Younger Members, Huh? Part 1

Posted by Chris Bonney on Mon, Mar 30, 2009

One of the main sells that social networking vendors throw out there is that setting up a social networking environment will help attract younger members. But is this really true?

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