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Infographic: Insider Tips for CMS and AMS Integrations (and more)

Posted by Ray van Hilst on Wed, Feb 03, 2016



Website and association management software integrations are a lot like sex when you’re a teenager… everyone talks about it, it seems like everyone is doing it, and you think they are doing it more and better than you.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Just like we all matured (or some of us did) and learned better, there is a route to “integration maturity.”  Let’s start with getting some facts out of the way. 

  • Everyone definitely wants it. A survey we did in 2013 found that AMS and CMS integration was the #1 technical requirement driving the need for a new association website. It is also in every RFP we receive and is one of the most important deliverables of every new project.
  • But not everyone is doing it. For something that everyone wants, I know this seems surprising. But according to the 2015 Association Management Software Use and Satisfaction Report from Lehman Reports, only 60% of organizations integrate their AMS with their website. 
  • When not right, it messes thing up.  56% percent of marketers cite non-integrated platforms as the #1 reason holding them back from truly integrated digital marketing.

But if everyone wants integrations and thinks they are important, what’s holding organizations back?  From a technical perspective, we have found that the implementation of the integration is no longer that complicated. We find it’s the WHY where people get lost and they lose sight of the value the integration is supposed to deliver.

So to help plan and get ready for your next integration with your AMS, CMS or 3rd party system, we present our infographic - Website, AMS & 3rd Party Integrations: Maximizing Association Tech for Superior Member Experiences

(And don’t forget to register forour upcoming webinar about CMS integrations. Information below the infographic.)


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Key infographic takeaways

There are three strategic reasons for developing a CMS integration between your membership database and 3rd party systems:

  • Reducing Friction such as Single Sign On or one click purchases
  • Improving Operations or Reducing Overhead such as pulling data from other systems
  • Enhancing User Experience (UX) or Supporting Business Goals such as member demographics for personalization or web analytics for content decisions.

And five things to remember when planning a CMS or website integration project:

  • “What and “Why” is more important than “how”
  • The AMS integration is only as good as the available data
  • Flexibility is key, especially consideringeach vendor may have different integration methods
  • Allow time for development and testing of your AMS integrations and other systems
  • Create a consistent design and UX across platforms for a cohesive member experience

Webinar: Learn more about CMS Integrations with your AMS and other systems

For more information, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar CMS and AMS Integration Tips for Creating Member Happiness on Tuesday, February 17.  Register today and keep the discussion going.


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