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Website Redesigns: What to Know Before You Start

Posted by Ray van Hilst on Thu, May 30, 2013


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I wish had known about X…

If only I had thought about Y…

If I had done Z we would have launched on time…

It is natural to look back at the end of a website redesign project and realize there were things you hadn’t thought of or didn’t know before you started the project. But as the saying goes, “there are things we don’t know and then there are things we don’t know we don’t know.”

While some of our clients are seasoned web redesign pros, we also have many that have never been through a web project (much less one as complex as the redesign of an association website).

That is why I am so excited about the session I will be participating in at next week’s ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference in Washington DC    

Website Redesigns: What to Know Before You Start

In addition to myself, we have pulled together other web development specialists including Results Direct and r2integrated plus industry consultants and association executives who have been through the process.  Some of the things we will cover include:

  • The website redesign process
  • How to manage expectations within the project
  • How to assign internal and external resources to the project
  • Best practices (and what can go wrong)
  • How to save time and money!!!

Here are the details on the session:

  • When: Tuesday, June 4 at 10:15 AM
  • Where: Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC
  • Session Panelists:
    • Cheryl Dickison – VP of Sales, R2integrated
    • Tobin Conley - Senior Consultant, DelCor Technology Solutions
    • Amanda Charney - Director of Publications, IAAPA
    • Thad Lurie CAE -Managing Director, Old Town IT
    • Tim Maxy - Senior Technical Director, ARVO
    • Cecilia Satovich - Director of Client Services, Results Direct
    • Ray van Hilst - Director of Client Strategy and Marketing, Vanguard Technology

Yes, that is a lot of panelists. But don’t worry we are breaking the session up with best practices, case studies, practical tips and an extended question period for the audience (moderated by Tobin and Thad).

For more information, visit the MMC Conference website.

What advice would you share? What questions would you ask? 

(If you can’t make it, feel free to leave a comment with your question and I’ll ask the panel for you.)

Photo credit: Flickr, WorldSkills International

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