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5 For Friday: Leadership for Associations and All Organizations

Posted by Ray van Hilst on Fri, Mar 08, 2013


Welcome to this week’s edition of the 5 For Friday series. It’s been a busy week with travel for the Avectra Users and Developer’s Conference (read my recap here), catching up on work and prepping for a trip to visit the team in Chicago. But I still found time to get some reading in and find some ideas worth sharing.

This week’s theme is about leadership – new methods, considerations and news worthy commentary.  Let’s dive in.

Social Business & Leadership

This first post is straight from the stage at AUDC with a recap the keynote presentation by Jamie Notter. Jamie and writing partner Maddie Grant have been studying how social media transforms organizations and makes them people-centric (product plug for their book Humanize). However as he said in his keynote, “our conversations about social media are not going far enough.”

This isn’t about likes, pins, pluses or whatever new thing comes along. Jamie points out this shift in social engagement is changing the way organizations relate to audiences AND their employees. Conversation is no longer centralized and siloed. The top down management model doesn’t work for today’s connected workforce.  How are you managing socially?

Read more on the Avectra blog

Embrace Uniqueness and Recognize Similarities

I firmly believe a key trait for successful leaders is to recognize your organization’s unique situation and embrace similarities from other organizations and then applying them to your situation.  People. Customers. Business trends. Technologies.

When leaders embrace this mindset and encourage those around them to do the same them foster collaboration and innovation. When they get stuck in a “but we’re different box” they kill it.  Rohit Bhargava calls the “Snowflake Mindset.”

Read more on Rohit Bhargava’s blog

Marketing Leadership Through the Technologist

Marketing has fundamentally changed in the past few years. I’ve mentioned before how marketers need to lead by doing. A key part of today’s marketing leadership is to embrace the technology that makes the marketing engine run.

Hence the rise of the marketing technologist.  The first time I embraced this was through Scott Brinker and his Chief Marketing Technologist Blog (I also had the pleasure of presenting with Scott at the 2012 ASAE Technology Conference on this subject.)

Now one publication has gone so far to say that the marketing technologist will be the CMO of the future. This is a change where technology proficiency now is a requirement for marketing leadership and this post highlights the core skills this new leader will need.

Read more at The Agency Post

Marissa Mayer Making the Hard Decisions

Yahoo’s announcement to eliminate telecommuting seems to have kicked off the “work@home” wars with many pundits decrying Marissa Mayer’s misguided decision.

As a 100% remote worker, I have a secret. I agree with her.  I think it’s the right decision for Yahoo for where they are right now. If it is a long-term culture change I’ll eat my words as I don’t think this policy is sustainable given the technology they use (under the “eat your own dog food mantra”) or the competition for top talent they will face.

I’m not the only one who feels Marissa Mayer made the right decision.  Michael Schrage at the HBR Blogs writes that “Marissa Mayer is no fool” and that she has to make the decisions that are right for Yahoo’s business and look at what is working and what isn’t. In this case, telecommuting isn’t working. So she made the hard decision. That’s what leaders do.

Read more on the HBR Blogs

Leadership includes selling influence and ideas

This last link is about a book instead of an online article or blog post. During dinner with Maddie Grant, Jamie Notter and Deirdre Reid at AUDC we started discussing Daniel Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human.

Pink points out that while statistics say 1 in 9 people in our economy are in sales roles by name or title, the rest of us are actually in sales roles by title.  We sell influence, ideas, education, concepts and more. The best leaders do it effectively and move individuals and organizations toward a common good.

The book caught my eye as I walked by an airport bookstore so I had to stop and buy it. I’ve just started reading it but it is compelling enough that I had to share.



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