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5 For Friday: Darwinism and Evolution for Associations and Websites

Posted by Ray van Hilst on Fri, Mar 01, 2013


Idea evolution or revolution. Keep your association website relevant.Welcome to this week’s issue of the 5 For Friday series. Starting with one of last week’s links about evolving your skills, I’ve been thinking about how associations and those of us who work with them need to continually adapt and evolve in order to stay relevant. This applies to web design, engagement, programs and everything we do.

Digital Darwinism. Evolve or else.

My local Barnes & Noble is about to close along with 1/3 of all their stores. It’s going the way of Borders, Blockbuster, Polaroid, Kodak and many more.  Brian Solis explores the concept of Digital Darwinism in an article for LinkedIn. He makes excellent points about how the pace of business is only accelerating and how every company is not only too big to fail, they are too small to fail.

Technology is a game changer and many of the organizations Brian cited recongnized the change too late. The magic question is: How are associations embracing the rapidly changing tides of technology? Or will they get left behind?

Read more at LinkedIn

The need for speed. Are you agile?

If the speed of business is rapidly accelerating, so must the speed of marketing. We live in a world of action and getting things done faster and faster and delivering results quicker and quicker.

That’s why I was excited to learn about the concept of Agile Marketing – borrowed from the agile management philosophy.  It’s about iteration, measurement and adaptation. And by changing and putting the customer at the center, we evolve our processes and become better marketers.

Read more (and adapt) from the Gracenote Group

Reimagine your business via TED

Here’s my dirty little secret… when I travel I buy the Harvard Business Review as my “guilty pleasure reading.” Dorky. I know. Plus, I love TED talks. Now imagine what happens when the two are combined!

The HBR blogs posted this week 10 TED Talks to Reimagine Your Business. In a time of reinvention and changing courses, this is inspiring stuff. Sit back, watch a few and vow to evolve.

Read more at the Harvard Business Review

Recognizing trends. And shaking them loose.

The internet has blown up with the latest meme – The Harlem Shake. One of our clients even inspired a blog post of our own and what lessons associations can learn from the Harlem Shake.

The social media monitoring service Sysomos tracked the popularity of this latest craze over 30 days.

Read more on the Sysomos blog

Getting Social at AUDC

This last link is a great opportunity to different about your organization’s business and evolve.

Next week is the 2013 edition of the Avectra Users and Developer’s Conference.  It’s an opportunity for all the users of Avectra’s netFORUM association management software to come together, share ideas and mix things up. Of course, Vanguard will be in the middle of it as a sponsor and presenter.

Maddie Grant will be attending as well and wrote about how to get involved with Two Ways to Get Social at #AUDC13. Check it out and follow us on Twitter with the #AUDC13 hashtag. 



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