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Posted by Ray van Hilst on Fri, Feb 15, 2013


Welcome to this week’s issue of our 5 For Friday series. Here are five articles or resources that caught our eye this week for people buildling and managing association websites.

Five Forces Reshaping Associations

Jeff Hurt calls out the elephant in the room with this insightful post.  The fact is that association management and the business of associations is changing at a faster and faster pace.  New technologies, nimble competitors (and not just associations) and individual expectations are changing the way associations serve their audiences.

Read more on the Velvet Chainsaw Blog

5 Great Reasons to Use Video for Content Marketing

Everyone and their brother is rushing into content marketing as it’s the next big thing (which I believe it is). So for every association website manager take a deep breath and relax, because you’ve been doing content marketing all along. However as every other website starts to pump out more content, how are you going to differentiate your association’s content?

Danny Brown offers some ideas in this blog post of how to tap into video to create great content.

Using Google Analytics for Retargeting

Have you noticed how advertising is stalking you around the internet lately? You visit a random site, and as you browse to other sites you start noticing ads for that site.  Welcome to the world of retargeting.  Google Analytics provided a great video showing how it works.  Check out the video below:


What are some ways your association can use this? How about retargeting someone that visited your annual meeting page and hasn’t registered? A prospect who visited the join page and hasn’t joined yet?  What are some other opportunities to retarget and convert?

How often do you conduct user testing on your site?

An interesting report from Econsultancy shows that 45% of companies are not conducting regular user experience testing their websites.  As they say in the introduction to the report,” It seems a lot of companies are happy to work on 'hunches' and best guesses when it comes to user experience.” 

Where do you fall?  Are you regularly testing your site to optimize your user experience?  Are you sure your association members are getting the best experience from your site?

Find out more in the eConsultancy Report

What do Members Really Want from Your Association Website?

Ok, this last link is a bit self serving, but it’s still a good one to share.  We just published a new eBook titled 10 Things Members Want from Your Association Website. This handy eBook examines common web usability issues that kill the member experience on your association website. 

The book is loaded tips like mobile and responsive design, user centric experience, common navigation items, and more to make sure your members can quickly use your website and get the most member value from it.

Download the eBook here. 

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