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So You Want Younger Members, Huh? Part 1

Posted by Chris Bonney on Mon, Mar 30, 2009


One of the main sells that social networking vendors throw out there is that setting up a social networking environment will help attract younger members. But is this really true?

There are a few different arguments I'd like to make in favor of and against (okay, I'm conflicted) this concept in coming posts.

But as a primer for Part 1 of this series, check out this incredible blog post from about Generation Facebook or "Gen F."

It not only defines how Gen F-ers think, but more importantly it actually defines the fundamental principles that make the social web unique and groundbreaking and, hence, scary for associations. Embrace these concepts and you've just catapulted your organization to mid-2008. Congratulations!

Topics: members, web strategy, web 2.0, facebook, social media, association technology

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