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Social Networking for Associations

Posted by Chris Bonney on Fri, May 22, 2009


Are your ears ringing? They should be.

Your association is no longer defined by tradition. It is no longer measured by standard practices. It is slipping in relevance every single day whether you realize it or not. And it is no longer in your control in any way.


Because your association is now a conversation. What is (and isn't) being said about you is all that you have. It's in essence all you are. The irony, of course, is that's all your association has ever been. The advent of Web 2. o and all the online social tools it has brought along with it have just made this more pronounced. Are you managing your organization as if it's a conversation?

Fear not.

You don't need to overhaul your entire operation to "get with the times." That's the good news. What you do need to do, however, is take social networking seriously, very seriously. This is not something you can wait around for to see what happens. Those who move first, win. Those who wait, play catch up forever. End of story.

We hear you.

- We understand you have a board that might not get new technology the way you do.

- We understand that you have an older membership.

- We understand you'd like to know how to use social networking to attract younger members.

- We understand that your budgets are tight.

- We understand that you don't feel you have the resources to get a new project off the ground.

- We understand that this all seems much easier said that done.

That's why Vanguard Technology is here.

We get it. We've been working with associations for over 10 years. Our offering is simple, really:

We look forward to sharing our experience and social networking know-how with you to get your association into the conversation that is your assocation.  Our only intention is to help you achieve your goals whether they be to increase membership, attract more event attendees or increase non-dues revenue. Our success can only be measured by your success. We want you to say good things about us, because in the end Vanguard Technology is like your association: we are a conversation.


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