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Site of the Week: Screenr

Posted by Chris Bonney on Tue, Sep 01, 2009


screenr_logo_small Imagine a member emailing with a question about how to access certain information on your website and you, not only guiding the member to their destination, but doing so with an online tutorial (no call back necessary) that you can archive to use again the next time somebody calls with the same question.

Well, that's one example of many I can think of for how associations could use a great new tool called Screenr.

Is your association on Twitter? Better yet. Screenr was created to post "Instant screencasts for Twitter". The idea being that you create your screencast and then instantly "tweet" it out to your membership. So, referencing our previous example, how nice would it be to not only tell that one person how to find vital content on your site (without a phone call, mind you), but then to also broadcast that information to your contingent on Twitter? How many phone calls could that save in the future?

But don't think of Screenr as simply a support tool. There are many other ways to use this tool effectively. What about broadcasting a message from your president? What about as a presentation tool for a committee member who can't make a meeting? Could they record their presentation prior to the meeting and then you could play it in their absence? What about as a tool to introduce a new program? Or to broadcast an advertisement for your upcoming event?

To show how easy it is to use, I've included a screencast below. In it I simply show how easy it is to use Screenr and how equally easy it is to create a post just like this one in WordPress.

What are your thoughts on this new application?

Check out my Screenr screencast.

P.S. Did I mention you can upload your screencast directly to YouTube as well?

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