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Another Very Compelling Reason Why Your Association Should Join Twitter Today

Posted by Chris Bonney on Thu, Oct 08, 2009


TWITTERThe association industry has been talking about social networking for a few years now. To most organization's credit, associations are doing their best to keep ahead of the curve and have created some sort of presence either on Facebook, LinkedIn or through a private social network like Higher Logic.


But here's the thing. Don't take Twitter too lightly. According to reliable sources, Twitter is in talks with Google and Microsoft to give their respective search engines full access to the Twittersphere. What does this mean? It means when people search for something, there will be a results area showing all related "tweets" as well. Very similar to what we on this blog showed you here.

It also means people could potentially find your website easier - if you tweet right. Twitter allows you to post on industry-related topics as well as just about anything else, right? You can't take this too seriously. There is some huge potential here. Don't talk about SEO if you're not on Twitter. This is kind of like the lottery - you've got to get in it to win it.

Read more from HubSpot here.

Topics: web strategy, Tactics, twitter, web 2.0, facebook, social media, LinkedIn

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