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Don't Get Beat To The Tweet

Posted by Chris Bonney on Tue, Nov 10, 2009


Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice

Remember when you waited to buy a domain name for  your organization because you wanted to see what was going to happen with this new-fangled thing called the Internet? Would this crazy concept ever catch on? Many thought it wouldn't. Now those organizations have URLs for their website with words like "now" or "net" or "online" in them while the more savvy organizations have rock solid, memorable URLs for what turns out to be the most valuable marketing tool you'll organization will ever have.

Ad Age has a recent article that talks about how major brands like GM, Kellogg and Hyundai (who, ironically, is also named marketer of the year on the cover of the same issue) missed their land grab opportunity. Squatters claimed their handles on Twitter leaving them to scramble for an alternative solution.

But We Don't Use Twitter

It doesn't matter if you use Twitter or not. Even if you don't plan to ever use Twitter, it makes good sense to grab your handle just the same. If someone else grabs it, they could be representing views and opinions that don't align with your organization. Some other sites you should quickly claim your real estate on:


It's astounding that major corporations with powerhouse marketers somehow missed the writing on the wall with Twitter. Regardless of how you feel about Twitter, it (or something very much like it) will be around for the duration. Grab your handle while you still can.

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