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2009 Site Of The Week Recap

Posted by Chris Bonney on Fri, Jan 08, 2010


We launched this blog in January 2009, so happy birthday to you, blog. One of the many theme post ideas we took on was Site of the Week. The vision was that every Friday we would post a new and helpful (or even bizarre) site that associations would find compelling, if not useful.

Like all blog plans, sometimes sustainability can become an issue. Hence, we didn't post a Site of the Week every Friday last year, but we did get some out there.

So as we head into the twilight of this Friday, January 8th, it's only appropriate that we do a quick recap of some of the more memorable Sites of the Week from last year.

Feb 6: Squidoo

Feb 20: StumbleUpon

April 17: Beth's Blog

June 26: SNAMA

August 21: BingTweets

October 9: SideWiki

So, what do you think? Any sites you'd like to add to the list for 2010?

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