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Your CMS Is Broken: 5 Reasons To Invest In A New CMS For Your Association In 2010

Posted by Chris Bonney on Wed, Mar 24, 2010


describe the imageIs your CMS broken? It might be functional, but by today's standards of technology it could be so out-of-date or difficult to use that it could indeed by deemed "broken."

Are you using DreamWeaver to update your site? Broken. Contribute? Broken. FrontPage? Double broken.

If you've been considering a new CMS for your association, there is no better time than now to see what's available.

Here are 5 good reasons to invest this year:

1. The price is right. With the proliferation of content management systems over the last few years, the best being web-based systems that allow you to update your site from anywhere at any time, prices are beyond reasonable. Don't feel like using an inexpensive alternative like DreamWeaver - which isn't web-based, requiring you to be tethered to a specific computer in order to make site edits - is your only option.

2. It's the core of your site. Modern day CMS systems are not just web page editing tools. They are the core of your entire web presence, driving members'  only access levels and serving as the platform upon which all other third-party tools are integrated, including your AMS. Think beyond WYSIWYG and get a CMS that allows for multiple integration points.

3. It replaces FTP. Sometimes the deal-breaking bane of web site updates, FTP can be that last mile of web editing that separates the men from the other men. Forget dragging and dropping files from your desktop to a server through a confusing FTP application's interface. Instead, use your new CMS' user-friendly interface to easily upload and link to files anywhere within your site.

4. Workflow. What you don't get from DreamWeaver or other older CMS systems is workflow. Workflow is the process by which your website pages are written, edited and published. Move the responsibility of website updates from a single source, usually an overwhelmed webmaster, to your entire staff, allowing each of them to have their own permission level. One person could write a page in DC and another staffer could review it in Chicago while a "publisher" could then send your finalized page live to the Internet from San Diego. All online and all in real-time.

5. Mobile. Any good CMS with be able to offer a mobile-ready version of your website pages. We generally encourage our members to have separate pages for mobile and website because the experience on mobile vs. the web is so unique. You can see what we've recently done for a client by going to on your BlackBerry or iPhone. Be mobile-ready in 2010. It's critical.

If you'd like to find out more about our VIP CMS powered by Sitefinity, please contact us. We're happy to provide a demo at anytime.

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