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Guest Post: Why 2010 Is The Year For Mobile

Posted by Chris Bonney on Mon, Apr 12, 2010

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The last two years has been all about the mobile consumer.  Mobile games, mobile social networks like Facebook, Twitter and mobile location based tools.  I can now not only tell you I’m at Starbucks, but show you on a map and post a picture of my Dark Cherry Mocha to make you jealous.

We’ve become a self-centered mobile society. We like to talk about the things we’re currently doing, our location, vacation and network.  The type of phone we own, the apps we use and even the case we put it in is personal.

Fact: You’re audience is now a selfish group with little time available or any real desire to focus on things outside of their own interests.  Good luck with that!

Fact: Most organizations are the same. Your website is impersonal. It isn’t about me, it’s about you the organization and finding stuff on it for me takes time, which I have less of now because I’m spending my free time on stuff about me (see Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, my blog, Flickr, Foursquare, etc.) from my phone.

The good news: The mobile universe is an easy way for us to meet in the middle. Mobile apps are quickly becoming the best way to interact with your members and allow them to interact with each other on their time.

Don’t believe me; Facebook is adding mobile users faster than it’s adding web users[1] and eBay topped $400 million in mobile sales last year![2] That’s right; over $400 million in pez dispensers and a $350,000 car were bought from iPhone apps.

So what does this all mean for an association? It means it’s time to go mobile.  It’s time to give your members ways to reach, connect and engage with you and other members like themselves anytime, anywhere.  That’s the nature of this new society.

Anytime, anywhere loosely translated means on my time.  I can find out when the next event is, connect with another member, add to the recent discussion on HR tools, view other member’s messages or read chapter news from my phone, right after I post a picture of the Dark Cherry Mocha I’m enjoying at Starbucks.

But let’s not be completely altruistic here. Going mobile is about more than pleasing members.  It’s about expanding your organizations reach and engaging with members in ways you’ve never done before.

It’s getting in front of members and potential members and interacting with them more often, on the device they literally carry around with them all day and sleep next to at night. You know of any other channel with that kind of access?



To find out how easy mobile is to get up and running,  drop us a quick note and we'll set up a demo of DUB's fantastic Mobile Membership application. It brings the power of your website and AMS into the hands of your members.

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