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Site of the Week: Evernote

Posted by Chris Bonney on Fri, May 14, 2010


describe the imageIt's been a while since we've done a site of the week, so apologies there. We're going to try and ramp that up quite a bit coming into the second part of 2010.

This week's site falls under the category of personal productivity. We will be having more site of the week posts under that category. That way we're featuring not just sites that can help your organization, but also you personally.

Evernote is a site that I use religiously. It's become an extension of my brain's memory banks. And has allowed me to remember less and focus more on what matters. Evernote is a true example of leveraging the web for personal good.

Here's what it's about in a nutshell, directly from their site:

Capture Everything

Chances are, if you can see it or think of it, Evernote can help you remember it. Type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot. Evernote will keep it all safe.

Organize It

Everything you capture is automatically processed, indexed, and made searchable. If you like, you can add tags or organize notes into different notebooks.

Find Anything Fast

Search for notes by keywords, titles, and tags. Evernote magically makes printed and handwritten text inside your images searchable, too.

(Did you catch that last part? Makes printed and HANDWRITTEN text INSIDE IMAGES searchable!)

There are primarily three ways that I maximize Evernote's power:

1. By tweeting on my Blackberry a direct message to Evernote. This allows me to capture any random thought I have at any time. Evernote becomes my virtual scrap paper in an instant.

2. Capturing bits and pieces off the web. Evernote drops a button on Firefox that allows me with a single click to capture highlighted text or an entire web page. It's better than bookmarking because I can take what I want from the page and leave the rest. I don't have to wonder later why I bookmarked the page in the first place.

3. As a place to capture and organize long-term goals. If you've ever felt like you needed a place to keep track of ideas and don't want to keep track of a multitude of Word docs in a folder somewhere, then EN is your answer. It's web-based too so you can access your ideas from anywhere.

So, that's our site for this week. Do you already use Evernote? What types of things do you use it for? Give it a try if it's new to you and report back here in comments on how you think it works.

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