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The Website Of The Future

Posted by Chris Bonney on Tue, May 18, 2010


Curious as to what the website of the future looks like for associations?

Thanks to all who joined our webinar on May 20th. It was the highest attended webinar in Higher Logic history and the deck was featured on the home page of on May 21st.

I'm doing the presentation as part of Higher Logic's 2010 Learning Series. If you haven't checked out the incredible schedule of upcoming webinars, you really should. There is something for everyone. Very valuable content and insights. All recorded, too, so you can listen back later at your convenience.

I'll tell you what my webinar won't be. It won't be me talking about some pie-in-the-sky technologies that aren't relevant to your membership today or in the next 5 years. I'm going to be talking about the future that is today and tomorrow. So, if you're looking to redesign your website soon, this will be a great presentation for you. You'll find out real-world advice on how to take your new website to the next level today.

You can download the PPT here.

You can view the webinar anytime here.

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