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Guest Post: Do You Know Who Is Critical To The Success Of Your Project?

Posted by Chris Bonney on Tue, Oct 19, 2010


describe the imageThis month's guest post is by Joanie Muench, founder of 922inc, the preferred project resource for associations.

Getting people on the same page is especially challenging when it comes to technology. I heard a story the other day that I thought was worth sharing…

At 24, Seth Godin was put in charge of a three-month project that would make or break the company he worked for.

He immediately called a company-wide meeting explaining the situation and asked one question:

Who is critical to the success of this project?

Once identified, he handed them a green button to wear.

Everyone else got a red one.

The rule for the next 90 days was simple – Leave the green buttons alone and let them do their job.

No interruptions, No pulling rank…the red buttons would have to wait.  Ironically, instead of waiting…they began to offer help and the phrase “not my job” got a well deserved rest.

In the end, the project was a success.

Technology teams are often over-committed with a laundry list of urgent to do’s and this story is a nice reminder of why we need to take time up front to get everyone on the same page.  Clear goals, a dedicated team and company support make it easier for everyone to succeed.

Topics: web strategy, Communications, success, project management, associations

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