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Countdown to Association Blog-Palooza

Posted by Ray van Hilst on Wed, Nov 09, 2011


Blogging for AssociationsTomorrow is the Progress U Blogger Summit (PUBS) presented by Delcor Technology Solutions.  Considering I’ve been a (somewhat) active blogger for a few years, I’m quite excited. So it’s appropriate that I share that by…. blogging.

I’ve heard how blogging is dead or that organizations just don’t get it.  Well, I’m here to tell you that they are wrong.  In a content driven world where “in bound marketing” drives new members and non-dues revenue, blogging is one of the most powerful tools an association can leverage to drive site traffic, share thought leadership and stand out on the (ever increasingly) crowded internet.

But what are a few things that associations should know before jumping in?  Here are a few quick topics I anticipate we will cover tomorrow:

Blogging is just part of your content strategy – I’m sure we’ll talk about the kinds of content that is best for blogs and how to weave it into an association’s overall online presence and content strategy.

Association blogging is about managing people, not technology – The technology has gotten easier and easier (and if you want to we can talk about it). The hard part is finding, motivating and maintaining your content providers (the good news, is that blogging opens up that process to many more people in your organization).

Blogging is a marathon requiring commitment – Just like deciding to publish a magazine takes an investment, so does blogging.  There needs to be a commitment from the organization to support the blog and its authors.

I know for sure that we’ll wax poetic on these topics and more.  And for anyone interested in figuring out how to start or manage a blog for their association this will be a room packed with experts including Lisa Junker, Deirdre Reid, Jay Daughtry, Maddie Grant, Maggie McGary and more.

Self Promotion Alert – I’ll be presenting a case study about how the National Wildlife Federation reinvented their blog and turned it into a content machine that drives online engagement and actions.  Take a sneak peak by reading it at

If you’re curious, hurry up and register. There’s still space and time to get there.  And if you can’t make it, be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter (hashtag #progressu).

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