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5 Easy Content Hacks For Your Association Website

Posted by Chris Bonney on Wed, Jul 15, 2015



Content is king on your association website. We just established that last month

So, then if that's true, how do we keep content churning online for your organization?

How do we make sure search engines find you relevant and your members find you indispensable?

If you're a large organization with a content team, you may have a handle on this, but if you're a strapping smaller staffed organization who wants some ideas on how to publish great content fast, check out this list of 5 great ways to creatively re-purpose existing content and/or re-think where your content can come from.

The effect? Dazzle your members instantly!

1. Share Photos

Maybe you dust off some pictures of members at an event from a few years ago. Maybe even from waaaay back. Anybody heard of Throwback Thursday? An easy blog post each month and a fun way to acknowledge and entertain members. do have a blog, right?

2.Create an FAQ

There are no doubt membership staff with a list of the most popular questions members ask headquarters. Can you put a funny spin on them? Or maybe even make a funny video like ZenDesk did? It could be a blog post (maybe you do top 3 questions asked this month) or a page on your website. Great for search engine optimization as well! 

3. Love a List

People love to read lists. Maybe a list of the top resources for your industry. Yes, outside of your organization. Providing value to your members is your job after all, right? Use a number in your title (like we did here) and see how creative you can get. Last 5 people to follow us on Twitter? 3 easy ways to register for your next event? 7 reasons to join your organization? Top 10 industry influencers to follow on Facebook? Yep, any of those would work. Now think of some more. 

4. Tools of the Trade

Some of the most popular articles on the web involve life or work hacks. Ask a few members what tools they use to get their jobs done every day. Write a blog post about it. Rinse. Repeat. 

5. Gather the Goodies

Maybe it's a compilation of tweets related to your last event. Or the best white papers in your industry for last year. Or a cool infographic from another website. Or some great SlideShare posts created by members. With just a little ingenuity you can gather content from other sources and create a multitude of content items. Also, keep in mind image repositories like Flickr have Creative Commons licenses on many of their images so you can use them for free in many cases.

In Closing

It's a cornucopia of content waiting for you out there. And with just a little time and gumption you can elevate your content game in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get going! 

Photo credit: Search Engine People

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